Philip Åstmar
Philip Åstmar

Creative Director

You know how it is, right? There are a lot of companies rambling about purpose and how to help people with stuff, sometimes it just feels a bit... fake. In this case, it's the actual fundamental of Dreams existence.


In a world of overspending and easy credit, it’s no surprise that money is the number one source of stress for millions of people. Dreams was created to change that. To give people a better chance to feel good about money and lately working hard on building features to make people live a more sustainable life.

Dreams are now entering one of the most exciting phases in its history and we are eager to tell you more!

We are looking for a person that, together with a tight team with senior people from Spotify, Zettle, Klarna etc. will make their users happy and fulfilled with great design. You have a broad perspective and want to be part of the design journey, not only sitting at one stop, waiting for the bus to arrive. You believe in cross-functional teams, data and insights, but you're also aware that a user centered product have to be more than a well built shoe box. It has to look and feel frikkin fantastic. You have ideas on how to make it shine brighter, maybe through motion or with other tricks that you have up your sleeve. You've made digital products come to life before and have a way to show this to us.

Ok, that brief description is enough for now. If you're the right person, you kind of know what we're looking for here I think and let's have a chat about details in person.

And before you ask - yep! - you can work from wherever. There are already people working from Barcelona, London, Warszawa & Skellefteå.

So. Prepare your portfolio with a couple of cases that you think would suite to show for this position and then click the button below.

Talk soon!

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