Sofia Wågnert
Sofia Wågnert

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Bonnier News is Scandinavia's largest player within news media, owning brands like Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, Sydsvenskan, Helsingborgs Dagblad and Dagens Industri. Always transforming and adapting to the market's needs and expectations, making a difference through journalism that reaches over 6 million readers every day. Take part in the journey of reaching even more readers through digitalization and development in the role of Business Developer.

In this role, you will be working with programmatic platforms, products, strategies, and roadmaps for Bonnier News. Leading projects and initiatives connected to your field and working with commercial product development and revenue models. You will be the voice of programmatic internally, educating and spreading knowledge about the product. Also, work closely with Sales to define the programmatic proposition and go-to-market strategy/plan.

A broad and exciting role where you will hold the overall responsibility for SSPs, partners, and tech stack, and work hands-on with analysis to improve and find new creative ways for the business area to grow. You will lead the dialogue with partners and SSPs on a daily basis as well as be the go-to person internally when it comes to programmatic.

To find yourself comfortable in this role you hold a technical understanding of the programmatic field as well as understanding the value and opportunity of development for the business around it. You have probably worked in the media landscape for a few years either at the demand- or supply-side, as a specialist or in a supporting role with programmatic as one of, or your main, channels. You are responsible, driven, and eager to keep pushing to the next level and love to improve, improve and improve. Working with data and handling technical projects is not new to you and you know where and how to find key insights and turn them into profit.

If you are looking for a fun challenge with lots of possibilities waiting to be discovered, this might be your next job.

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