Philip Åstmar
Philip Åstmar

Creative Director

With several successful products in the bag (Soundtrack Your Brand, Dreams etc.), the people behind Doors is now launching a brand new live streaming service for artists. And for you!

Seriously, this is THE next big up 'n’ coming digital product and you can play a part of the most amazing journey.

doors eye

We are now looking for a star-Designer with the sharpest eye for a modern digital service within the music culture. You know a thing or two about interaction and you absolutely know how to make things look freakin' awesome. You are not new to the game of Digital/Product Design and you have a way to show it.

Live streaming for artists is broken. It’s underdeveloped, under-monetized, under-licensed, and under-professionalized.
We’re fixing that.
Joel Broms Brosjö / Founder

Today, in this early stage, it’s about rolling up your sleeves together with the founders and a small team, and aim for the big launch that’s coming up. Tomorrow, you’ll probably take on a more holistic role and be an important part of this company ahead.

Listen, I know that this is enough to make you interested.
So let's handle the rest of the chat elsewhere.
Click below to show your interest.

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