Philip Åstmar
Philip Åstmar

Creative Director

Our new lovely Norwegian buddies at Los & Co (in Oslo) are looking for two creative geniuses, or, at least, humans. Both of you will be given the opportunity to focus on pushing the creative height in all areas. You’ll work with concepts and clients but also put some effort into motivating other creatives to bend their brains a degree further, just to make concepts aviate like frikkin jet planes.


To be the right person for this, you're not at all fond of putting lipstick on the pig. If the pig is a pig, you’ll sew an amazing gala dress with bling all over it, but preferably, you conjure the pig into a tiger. To be frank: you’re all for brilliant concepts and hold creative quality over everything else. You’re also not new to this game. You’ve been at creative agencies before – preferably within The Nordics.

When you describe yourself, you are probably using words like “creative” (duh), “natural leader”, “curious”, “fun”, and someone who sees spending a year in Oslo as an amazing adventure.


One year. At the Los & Co-office in Oslo. Place to live? They’ll arrange.

If you’re still with me and think that you are the one (or two) who will make this happen, please do get in touch. My suggestion is to click the button below.

Oh. The people at Los & Co are nothing less than warm as a lusekofte, so I promise you won’t be freezing during the winter.

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