Schibsted’s mission is to close the gap between what citizens know and what they need to know about the world around them.

Schibsted Media aim to offer trustworthy news founded on facts and insights in a world where information is becoming increasingly more abundant and untrustworthy. They run the biggest media houses in Sweden and Norway, such as Aftonbladet, Svenska Dagbladet, VG, Aftenposten, in addition to their marketplaces Blocket and FINN. This role will be part of News Media Sweden and focus on Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet.

At Schibsted they know that great design, user research and world-class UX is at the forefront of great user experience. But they also know that it takes great leaders to ensure that their team members feel motivated and empowered to deliver these experiences. That's why we are helping them find an enthusiastic and people-oriented person who is willing to take on managerial responsibility for a team of designers and UX-ers as Head of UX in News Media Sweden. The role has a seat in the UX Media management team, and reports to the Director of UX in Schibsted News Media.

Be part of a big design community!

In total Schibsted Media have about 50 designers and UX’ers and you will be a part of a big UX community, where you share knowledge, meet at UX gatherings, run collaborative design critique sessions and have meet up for social events.

About you:

  • As a person, we think you are the type who enjoys seeing the people around you improve and who gains satisfaction from helping others overcome their obstacles.
  • As a manager, you are attentive and humble and are able to coach your team members to develop on a professional level. You understand the importance of building trust and you know how to be open and approachable.
  • You are comfortable in decision making and can easily anticipate the impact and consequences it will have.
  • A plus if you also have experience working in a large organization and understand the organizational challenges and processes associated with company growth.

You want to know more about the role?
Give us a shout and we’ll go into the details.

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