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Mathias Wellström
Mathias Wellström

Managing Director

"In a world that is networked, brands are not built in silos. They are built by multi-disciplinary teams where strategist rub shoulders with designers and insights power everything from service innovation to user interfaces. That is why our offering spans all the way from insights to concrete playout in digital channels.” – Seventy Agency

We are excited to announce an open position at no less than Seventy Agency.
Seventy Agency loves to handle the whole brand journey for their clients. With everything from deep level strategy to the last pixel on your screen. Always with the client growth hat on.
They are working with smaller interior design businesses but also huge global companies in China. (Yep, they also have an office in Shanghai.)

As cultures, technologies and markets change, the rules for engaging people change with them. We love change, and we help our clients to use it to their advantage.

Now Seventy Agency is looking for a Design Director.
This person will act as a mentor and coordinator for the design team. Lead and grow their offer especially within user experience and digital outputs. Also, engage in client relationships as well as ensure high-quality outputs. Of course in a tight collaboration with the other designers in the team.


You breathe digital oxygen, and have an appetite for everything business-oriented.
You will probably come from a UX or Service Design background, with a great understanding of people.
We guess that you have led teams before and do like to improve internal and external processes.
That’s it.
Oh, and maybe you like to fuse digital outputs with physical objects. That would be great!

Show your interest below and feel free to choose between Swedish or English. Both will work just fine.

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