Emelie Aronsson
Emelie Aronsson

Talent Agent

Our friends at Transfer Galaxy work to make the world a little more fair. One step at a time. This by democratizing international payments - making remittances cheaper, safer and smarter.


It all started out of frustration in the queue at the local Western Union agent. The queue was long, the fees were high and the flexibility was non-existent. A group of friends mourned the fact. They recognized the issue and saw an opportunity to solve it! Soon thereafter Transfer Galaxy was born!
They are still a company full of problem solvers, using technology to make life easier and for people to get closer. Transferring money to the other side of the world within seconds. Straight to a mobile wallet. From Stockholm to Mogadishu, London to Accra, Berlin to Beirut.

If you are eager to participate in creating a sleeker and better design to match the high set ambitions of a global scale-up, this might be for you!
We believe you have been working with product design for a few years, preferably in a start- or scale-up and feel comfortable with your craft. You feel most excited when involved in all parts of the design process. Enjoying the variation of tasks. From initiative and concept, creating wireframes and flowcharts, prototypes, all the way to pushing pixels and ensuring the highest possible quality. You will be working closely with design colleagues as well as with product owners and developers.

In this role you can work remotely or from their office in Stockholm or Headquarter in Örebro. Transfer Galaxy is in a time of expansion. This means you’ll have a high degree of influence on the direction of the product design going forward.

This will be fun! Come join!

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