Mia Rehn
Mia Rehn

Business Director

KIT is a well-known social media agency with talented strategists, creators, and well-known clients. They have extensive experience with organic and sponsored content in social media. They help companies improve relationships with their target groups, in order to increase awareness, loyalty, and conversions at a time when social media is the most important marketing channel. KIT offers content strategy, production, distribution, and social media management. Now we’re looking for a Business Manager that will help them grow, expand and explore new territories and opportunities.

As a Business Director at KIT, you will approach business from a holistic organizational standpoint. On a strategic level, you will focus on connecting business and sales with the right type of clients and projects that resonate with KIT’s overall goals and strategy.

From an organizational perspective, you will build a confident and driven workplace that will see and act on business opportunities securing both short and long-term revenue. You will give your colleagues tools and methods to grow and develop current clients and projects.

You know social media and the impact it has when used right, how it's a tool for change and you know how to package it as a service solving the client's needs and problems. Keeping an eye out for and detecting new trends and influences is something you always have done and that you can convert into profitable business and deliveries.

To thrive in this role curiosity and grit are more important than the number of years of experience. At KIT you will have committed colleagues and a ’learning-by-doing’ environment that will enable you to develop every day. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other exciting talents, agencies, and clients within the People People People network.

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