Sofia Wågnert
Sofia Wågnert

Talent Agent

A big welcome back to H&M. It feels so much fun to support them even more. Now helping them recruit some senior talent in a really skilled project manager, with global experience and modern (digital) knowledge.


There are so many flavors on a project manager. But this must be senior, digital, global, strategic - and lots more.

The projects at H&M are large and complex. They affect and influence several markets and thousands of colleagues. They must be coordinated with overall goals and many other (equally important) projects. The budgets are usually quite extensive and there are great opportunities to optimize and improve efficiency to increase profitability and the final results.

As a project manager, you allocate resources and prioritize tasks between team members. You lead and motivate, inform and align both the team and others.

You make sure that you together produce new, innovative and creative solutions.

You come from at least five years of experience from senior project management, at an agency or client site. You understand that a good delivery is based on a mix of solid insights and courage. You have already proven that you can deliver a positive result, based on set goals and KPIs.

You think of the customer first. But also on innovating, challenging conventions and breaking boundaries. Apart from courage and energy, this role requires diplomacy and social skills. But also a natural ability to both prioritize and make decisions. You never forget to involve, anchor and communicate with your fellow team members and stake holders.

Conclusion. You have to be crazy experienced to be relevant enough for this opportunity. If you are, please show your interest below.

Have fun!

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