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Caroline Haslum
Caroline Haslum

Talent Agent

Honored and excited to once again work together with Cancerfonden. This important non-profit organization has the vision of finding the cure for cancer with the short-term goal to achieve a higher cancer survival rate and to reduce the cancer incidence rate.

Cancerfonden With a mission to redefine their site, Cancerfonden are now looking for a great Site Manager. Their site is of course a central part of spreading knowledge about cancer, diagnosis and treatment, but also sharing the knowledge of habits that reduce the risk of cancer. At the same time, cancerfonden.se is a channel for donations so that they can continue their lifesaving work. So an important task awaits.

In this position, you will be responsible for editorial content and lead the development to find new digital solutions on site. In addition to improve and develop the site, you're an internal facilitator that will plan and implement new activities and setting new ways of work. Together with digital editors, copywriter, production managers and designers you will ensure that Cancerfonden reaches their goal to be in the digital forefront.

Acting as a hub for digital possibilities and as an internal facilitator

To fit the role at Cancerfonden as a Site Manager we believe that you have experience in running digital projects. You are driven by development and have probably worked for a few years in a similar position, or are ready to take the next step in this field. You have experience in managing site development, working data-driven and with high knowledge of SEO.

This truly is the place to work at if you are interested in doing something important. Your colleagues are passionate and driven, they are humble and together you create a great force in our society. You will absolutely learn a lot, and have the opportunity to make a mark! For this position, you need to be fluent in Swedish.

Is this you? Then go on and sign up (preferably in Swedish) below.

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