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Caroline Haslum
Caroline Haslum

Talent Agent

Hello new friend, Aspia! A brand new company with so much exciting ahead. Already 1400+ employees and filled with knowledge and experience, but also with a willingness to change and improve that you usually only find in start ups.

Aspia Hello Blue Screen

With a strong digital focus ahead Aspia is now looking for a Site Manager to take on the task to improve and develop Aspias digital presence and platforms. Your daily work is a blend of operational work, together with the digital team and with their digital agency and external partners. Focus will be to give users and customers the best possible experience visiting the site, combined with a set goal of creating digital channels focusing on content and conversion. Optimization, A / B tests and analyze will be a part of your days, and if you are interested in or have experience of, you could add UX to your calendar.

It is an exciting time to join, and for this to be a perfect match, we believe that you are a structured person with good analytical ability. Curious, driven and dare to try new things. This truly is a great possibility to grow with the company. You have some years of expereince working as the go to person when it comes to digital plattforms, and it is not a negative thing to have a strong commercial focus in your backpack. You are probably a humble team player, and when someone say ”sharing is caring”, you happily nod your head. Aside from establishing their new brand, they we will also build a world-class organization. With other words, a great opportunity for you to join!

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