Isabelle Månsson
Isabelle Månsson

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Be a part of launching and scaling a foodtech startup in Stockholm! Picsmart are passionate about making people's lives easier by delivering food, and at the same time contribute to a sustainable society. Now they need an Operations Manager to help them grow in a successful way.

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Picsmart are scaling up their business, and are looking for a brilliant Operations Manager who is analytical, driven and executionally oriented. Joining at this stage means that you will be a part of building a key business capability, as well as becoming a key player in the Picsmart team.

Picsmart is enabling a service which delivers food from your local store, therefore you will work closely to the end-customer, shoppers (who deliver the food), as well as collaborative partners and local stores. Being responsible for operations you will be responsible for planning and executing various growth initiatives, always with a data driven and business savvy approach. You probably have experience of working within a start up, and scaling up a consumer platform and marketplace. You love a fast paced environment, and to work both strategically and operational. You will define KPI:s related to operational efficiencies as well as delivery operations. Also worth mentioning is that there is an employee stock option plan.

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