TRIB are happy, excited and proud to help Qbtech reach new heights! Starting with helping them find a strong CPO who will build user-centered, commercial products to help change the status quo regarding ADHD.

Qbtech was born from a personal experience of ADHD. Having gone through the diagnostic process themselves, the founders knew that seeking a diagnosis was complex and time-consuming.
Moreover, the diagnosis they received was based solely on subjective data such as interviews with parents, patients and teachers. It was at this point they were determined that the process had to change.

Since 2000, Qbtech has been focused on a patient and technology-first approach to ADHD assessment; combining both subjective and objective data. Today they have market-leading products. Up until now focusing on the professional side through the health care system.


This role will kick start their ambition to be the go to place also for the people and the consumer side of the industry. Building products to support the journey from suspecting you or someone close to you might have ADHD, through the process of investigating and testing, meeting doctors and professionals as well as living with ADHD.

The consumer products will probably be a source for information and the latest research. It will educate patients and their family and friends. It will also be a tool to manage ADHD, difficulties and success factors, it can and will probably be a lot more as well. And Qbtechs brand new CPO will play the key role in shaping all of this.

"We simply cannot sit still for a minute. Too many people are waiting for an assessment or a treatment. Too many people are unsupported in managing their symptoms. We have the technology and the will and we are on an endless quest to evolve, to make our technology available to all." Carl Reuterskiöld, Qbtech CEO

You are:
An experienced Product Manager/CPO with a track record of building user-centric products (probably both web and app), preferably from disruptive industries
Experienced working in a global environment
A business-driven, product professional with skills and know-how ranging from team management, sales, marketing, growth, tech and design.
A believer in strong processes and methods with a track record and ability to implement it throughout an organization

You will:
Take charge of the strategic product plan and own the roadmap
Be responsible for consumer products including revenue and profitability
Innovate new products and make sure they are user centric
Grow the Product team
Work closely with the CEO and the others in the Management Team (Commercial Director, CTO etc) as well as the Product Team

Qbtech was founded in 2002, today there are 22 employees working from three countries with customers in all parts of the world. One goal is to double the team in around 18 months,
It is now time for them to make a difference and share our knowledge and experience. If you are passionate about transforming mental health care, don’t hesitate do drop us a line or apply here!

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