Sofia Wågnert
Sofia Wågnert

Talent Agent

Can you imagine, we are working with Crosby - the creative agency specialized in visual storytelling. A dedicated team of producers, creatives, directors, editors and 3D artists, producing amazing visual content that stands out.

They are experts in managing multi-channel projects with a high level och creativity and big volumes - from first creative idea to final delivery. Crosby is a warm and familiar workplace where the creativity lies within the mix of talented people. Now looking for a Key Account Manager to take part in Crosbys future journey.

Without saying too much, a lot is going on, and many super exciting possibilities lie ahead. In this role you will work with strategies and opportunities - with already existing clients, and new potential ones and find new ways of working along with them. This means both offering what you already have, but also to keep evolving as an agency and create new business areas to satisfy the clients in a broader perspective.
Taking part in setting up strategies to grow the business and find more efficient ways of working you know your way through the sales funnel, identifying leads and possibilities to open new doors.

We are looking for a strategic marathon runner, someone that can streamline the current situation, set the tactics for the sub-goals but also the long term strategy that will lead Crosby to the goal and beyond.
A business-minded peoples person to lead Crosby, and the client to the next level. To be comfortable in this position you have probably worked a few years, and then some more, at an agency and perhaps even on the client-side as well. You are one of those people who can see what others don’t and go from thought to action and never lose sight of the target

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