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Peter Teigene
Peter Teigene

Talent Agent

We need dreams to define who we are and where we are going. At TRIB we love to dream, about the big and the small things in life. But we also love to make things happen, to take a dream and form it into reality. That's why we love to work with Dreams who helps people with exactly that, to make dreams come true!


Dreams is a Stockholm-based Fintech company that creates smart financial services with a methodology that helps people save more money than they ever thought possible. The Dreams app provides a unique experience and method to save up to your dreams. Create your dream in their app, define how much you need to save and when you wish to reach your goal. Then you are all set, the app will lead you through the rest. Having expertise in cognitive science, tech, finance, and product development, the team at Dreams has made it fun and easy to make good decisions for your economy.


Now we are helping them to find their next CPO who can take the product through its next steps and further out in the world. You will be responsible for the product vision and its implementation throughout the organization. This is a central role where you will connect business, marketing, and tech, to provide healthy and sustainable growth.

You have a broad international experience managing and developing well-loved software products and a keen eye for improvements and new revenue streams. You’ve had many experiences defining product roadmaps, building collaboratively with design and engineering peers, and shipping at scale. Being a compelling storyteller you have experience communicating concepts and ideas to engineers and creatives alike. You will provide method and structure for a fast-paced production environment, helping the team to deliver both small and big improvements with short iterations to keep the users engaged and happy.

Join and be a part of this organization who set out to make a positive and good impact on this world.

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