Karin Brandt
Karin Brandt

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We are happy and honored that another team within Bonnier News wants our help in finding a new colleague! Who doesn't want to work with a company where the commitment to freedom of expression, humanism and a vital democracy penetrates the whole organisation?

Bonnier News Sales is part of Bonnier News, which brings together the Bonnier - owned newspapers (Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, Helsingborgs Dagblad, Dagens Industri among others) and companies with adjacent areas of activity. Here, the journalistic mission permeates all the company's cells and the feeling of being at the center of where world news is created is constantly present.

As Performance Manager at Bonnier News Sales, you are involved in creating innovative concepts and advertising solutions. You are responsible for a number of customers and help them with everything from strategy and recommendation to the implementation and optimization of their digital campaigns.

You work in a team of seven where some have the same role as you and some work more as supportive functions. If you like analysis, you have the opportunity to really improve here, as one of your colleagues has the task of digging deep into the data to facilitate for the whole team!

You will thrive in this role if you are a curious person who likes to pick the systems and tweak messages to create campaigns that achieve really good results.

Most likely you have worked for a few years at a media agency or perhaps as an Adops and are eager to take a bigger grip on the digital marketing execution. Maybe you have experience of programmatic purchases or can create great customer relationships. Most importantly you are interested in creating success, carefully following the progress off the campaigns.

Are you a person who can see yourself in an organization where there is room to develop and grow, where employees are highly valued and you can go on to the next step in your career. Make sure you register your interest below. Bonnier News is truly a place where you can shape your future!

All the best

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