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Madalina Hagelin
Madalina Hagelin

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We are very happy to team up with Mojang again, the Microsoft-owned game development studio best known as the creators of Minecraft. Mojang develop games with a strong community focus and always put players first, in anything they do.

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We are currently looking for a freelance/consultant Creative - Art Lead who can help them grow Minecraft the global Minecraft social media channel.

In the role as the Creative - Art Lead for their social media channels, you will work with their cross-ocean marketing team and report to the Head of Social Media at Mojang in Stockholm. The Head of Social Media will focus on the strategy that you, as Creative - Art Lead will ideate around, conceptualize and art lead from concept, through production, to final assets. Your main focus will be on the creative, art and design aspects of the content creation.

Make creative, fun, and social-driven videos and graphics that will engage people to connect with Mojangs blocky brand.

You’ll execute the concept and design of marketing assets as prescribed by creative/marketing briefs and produce work that adheres to the brand standard, but also explore out-of-the-box approaches to grow the brands visual identities with the guidance of the Mojang Art Directors.

Responsibilities will be to create and produce content/campaigns for social media but also design decks and presentations for client meetings, proposals and pitches, direct photo and video shoots, including prop selection and art direction on set. Direct and partner with creative and agency partners on the development of social aspects of integrated campaigns. Be accountable for the final development and production of creative assets and ensure accuracy, attention to detail, and overall product meets or exceeds the design and social objectives.

We see that you have an excellent sense of pace and timing, knowledge of the best ways to engage viewers and how to tell a powerful story, in a short amount of time. You understand design applications in traditional and emerging channels and great knowledge of social media, which means you stay up to date with new trends and features. A good understanding of which content is optimal for which social media platform, and leverage this knowledge to empower your co-workers.

You have 3+ years of experience as a creative and graphic designer or art director. Degree in design, advertising or a related field is a plus, and a big plus if you are a Minecraft player and know about their blocky game and fantastic community.

This gig is 100% on site at the Stockholm studio where you will work closely with the social media team and stakeholders at Microsoft in Redmond for a period of at least 6 months.

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