Sofia Wågnert
Sofia Wågnert

Talent Agent

We are excited to announce our new friends at Transfer Galaxy, who are trying to make the world a little bit fairer. One step at a time. This by democratizing international payments - making remittances cheaper, safer and smarter.

It all started out of frustration in the queue of the local Western Union agent. The queue was long, the fees were high and the flexibility was non-existent. A group of friends lamented. Some people lament over problems; others try to find solutions. The friends saw an opportunity, and soon thereafter Transfer Galaxy was born!

They are still a company full of problem solvers, using technology to make life easier and for people to get closer. Transferring money to the other side of the world within seconds. Straight to a mobile wallet. From Stockholm to Mogadishu, London to Accra, Berlin to Beirut.

This is a great time to join the company and grow with it

We’re looking for an experienced analytics engineer to take the lead of the emerging data & analytics team. The team started 6 months ago and has gotten far in setting up the data stack and designing core data models.

In this role you will split your time between integrating new data sources, building data models, working with stakeholders, doing ad-hoc analysis & dashboard creation.

Part of the job will be:

  • Evolve & maintain the modern data stack
  • Establish KPI-frameworks for different departments and initiatives
  • Work with business stakeholders and design data models
  • Build visualization and perform data analysis that can be shared with stakeholders in Data Studio or Tableau
  • Act as a partner with the product/tech-team to make sure tracking covers current and future needs
  • Act as a partner with the marketing team to make sure they utilize the data to its full potential
  • Help other teams in the organization design and evaluate A/B-tests
  • Try out different data science techniques to derive value from data
  • Get the ability to recruit, manage and build out the Data & Analytics team further


  • Can map data initiatives to business value and prioritize accordingly
  • Have a minimum of 3 years experience in a Data Analyst, Data Scientist or Data Engineering role.
  • Understand data modelling techniques and their value in delivering end user self-service
  • Have excellent SQL skills
  • Have demonstrated experience of applying software development best practices to your work with data
  • Have experience from working with data in one or more of the following fields: Product, Marketing, Customer Marketing, Risk / KYC, Financial
  • Are curious about processes and how they can be understood & improved with the help of data

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