Philip Åstmar
Philip Åstmar

Creative Director

Hey there! Did you know there’s now a second Tech Bank in Sweden? Say Hi to Northmill.

Northmill is a Swedish technology bank that develops straightforward and secure financial services for everyone through new technology, innovation and lots of passion. Just look at Rebilla. An app to save money by lowering the interest rate on existing loans, credit cards or installments.


Because of their newly approved banking license, a lot is happening at Northmill today. We can’t tell you everything here, but if you get the opportunity to speak to them for yourself, I’m sure you’ll get truly intrigued.

A lot of stuff is happening at Northmill!

They are now about to build a proper design team. Designers are on the way, and the most important piece is you. The Design Director.
You will explain how a modern product company is working with design nowadays, and help them get there. Close to you, you will have one of the founders and design advocates, so Design are highly prioritized at this moment, and you will have a big voice internally.

This is something you have done before, and you love to see change. You come from a design background and knows how important it is for products to work well and look good.

Well, that’s it.
I know that you’re kind of curious. Tell me by clicking below.

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