Philip Åstmar
Philip Åstmar

Creative Director

Collegial is an ed-tech startup in the shape of a learning community. The product enables self-driven competence development through collaboration within and between organizations.

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By creating personalized learning journeys in a campus of industry experts, peers, and content from world-leading universities, Collegial will build a community - making shared insights and perspectives to common challenges scalable. Today they have an early stage product that is in use, but this is only the beginning and there is so much more to do!

So. Now we are looking for a Visual Designer to join them in this important moment. You will be part of a small (and friendly) design team, working together with a senior Product/UX Designer and the front end team. Needless to say, you will be a crucial piece in shaping both the actual product and the brand itself. And of course, make it look crazy slick. As regarding all startups, you will have a strong voice and a big influence.

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