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Sofia Wågnert
Sofia Wågnert

Talent Agent

Look who´s back! Our good old friend Skandia want help finding a new star to join their Tactical CRM team.

Do you want to work with digital sales for one of the largest customer-owned banking and insurance groups? Do you have experience working with development of digital channels and in addition a large interest in digital marketing and business? Well, this might be the job for you!

As a Digital Specialist at Skandia, you will work as a senior Project Manager for digital sales activities. You´ll be responsible for everything from mapping customer journeys to set and test the development of new digital channels and solutions in order to generate and increase customer satisfaction. You are involved from start to finish on your activities and will work in an agile environment.

To succeed in this role you are probably a business-oriented doer, combined with a team-player attitude. You have a high understanding and experience of conversions in digital channels and you smile when you get to work in an environment where your initiatives grow from an idea to an actual function that delivers results. You have probably been working with data-driven customer communication and have a proven track record of being an awesome colleague :)

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