Peter Teigene
Peter Teigene

Business Director

Nordiska Galleriet was founded in 1912 and has since been the go-to place for exclusive furniture and modern design in Sweden. 2016 was the start of a new and expansive era; the company gained new owners with the ambition and know-how to scale! Five years later, things are on the move! Today, they have over 200 employees and a turnover of 650 million SEK.

Nordiska Galleriet

Nordiska Galleriet is now looking for a Head of Product who can lead the initiation and production of new products. You will be responsible for how and why products are built. You will do this with your experience from modern product companies and know-how from a user-centric approach, building loved and used products, leading the way with strategy and a hands-on approach.

You will set the foundation for a modern product organization and apply that mindset cross-functionally. You will build and lead the product team, using the skills and perspectives represented by UX, UI, Product, Tech, and Business. With findings and hypotheses from qualitative and quantitative data, you and the team will create user- and business value in everything you do.

There is a lot to be done at Nordiska Galleriet, and there's no shortage of ambition or projects. One good example is the B2B solution “YLLW”. This tool and platform will modernize the industry connecting buyers, Nordiska Galleriet, producers, and everything in between in one intuitive product.

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