Philip Åstmar
Philip Åstmar

Creative Director

Life isn't all about the looks of course, but it does matter when it comes to functionality. In this age of global warming, you as designer know how to keep cool and make things crisp.

At Futurniture you will not only work as a Digital Designer, but a creative one. You love to question things and to discuss and look at things from different angles. And then make it come to life through great design.


You will help clients improve people's everyday lives.

You need to have a passion for digital design, both for web and app/mobile and at least around two years experience from doing design to different platforms. You might have some knowledge of concept creation and digital product innovation and you're not afraid of user research and prototyping methodologies.

At Futurniture you will work with clients such as the Riksbyggen, Moderna museet, IKEA, the Royal Library, Linköping University and others.

Please tell.

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