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Karin Brandt
Karin Brandt

Talent Agent

Say hi to our new client Wrapp. And hello to their new brand costume. This fall a lot of news are launched within the company. A new communication platform, brand strategy and graphic expression. And the reborn app will be even better when it comes to customizing shopping experiences for the modern consumer. Now Wrapp is looking for a new Growth Director and we are so happy to be able to help.


In the future, Wrapp will know what you want to buy before you know it yourself. A digital personal shopper who guides you to the best deals and makes sure your loyalty to brands is rewarded - via refunds, placed directly into your bank account.

Your main task as the Growth Director at Wrapp will be to help more people discover the the opportunities of the app. And ensuring that users are served relevant content that makes them continue to appreciate Wrapp as service.

In other words, you will spend a lot of time with prospective and existing users. Primarily by analyzing numbers about them. And it's important that this is something you love doing because there is a lot of yummy numbers to analyze.

You will only thrive in this role if you're a data-driven person, obsessed with funnel marketing.

This role comes with a lot of mandate and you will be responsible for setting and executing the strategies. But you need to be a proactive person who likes to initiate and roll out projects without being asked to do it.

If you think this sounds interesting, go ahead and apply below. If you have any questions, please email Karin and say hi!

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