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We at TRIB are extremely proud and excited to be able to help Plan International finding their next star who will help them reach new heights in their on-going digital journey! This role needs a dynamic, passionate, goal oriented Product Owner who will be owning the development of Plan Internationals Swedish web along with a few other digital initiatives. As a product owner, you will be in charge of implementing the digital strategy in an operative role leading the external development team and owning the backlog as well as leading other projects from start to finish.

Your decisions will be based on strategies regarding customers needs and wishes, fundraising and knowledge goals, market conditions, and technology.

If you do not know already Plan International works across the globe to advance children’s rights and equality for girls.
They strive for a just world and have been doing so for 80 years, working together with children, young people, supporters and partners. An independent development and humanitarian organization with local offices collecting donations for projects globally.


You will be the link between the external Sweden-based tech team and the business side of things including both content and analytics. Plan is aiming to become more customer (donor) focused and a more insight-driven organization and you will be a key player in that continuous journey.

We would love it if you have worked with e-commerce before and have experience assuring quality when it comes to both UX as well as SEO both from a content and a technical perspective. You probably know a fair bit about different CMS and analytics tools too.

This role along with the team at the Stockholm office will play a big part in creating a better world, function by function, pixel by pixel. This is a rare opportunity to really do something good with all the experience and know-how you have.

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