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Peter Teigene
Peter Teigene

Talent Agent

NENT Group, the Nordic market's leading entertainment brand is building a new product & technology organization focused on delivering a strong value proposition and cohesive user journey to its customers.


By bringing three strong brands and products together into one product organization, Viaplay, Viafree and Viasat will become an even more powerful customer experience and proposition. In that lays the challenge and the possibility for you, as their new Head of Design. You will build and lead the design organization that will make this into the best possible experience today, as well as creating the experience of entertainment for tomorrow!

We at TRIB are really happy to help NENT Group with this, reaching tomorrow today.

So what are your responsibilities and what's your background? You will lead and represent design throughout the organization. Use design as a tool for change and (a tool to find) opportunities and solutions in close collaboration with Business, Product, and Tech. Doing this you will raise general awareness of design thinking and user-centered value creation.

One of your/the main goals is to drive key strategic design initiatives, align methodology, care for personal development and define a skills and levels framework. Other key factors and focus areas in the role are to lead and inspire the design team and people, to drive and influence product brand strategies and identify synergies between products, both when it comes to process and know-how.

In short: You are a seasoned leader of design with vast experience from digital product and fast moving product organizations.

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