Sofia Wågnert
Sofia Wågnert

Talent Agent

Svensk Fastighetsförmedling is one of Sweden’s largest real estate agents working with villas, holiday homes, condos, commercial real estate, and agriculture in Sweden and Spain. With the ambition to keep offering their customers support to make a big deal into an easy and smooth process they are now strengthening up their digital game, first out is a Team lead for Bobutikerna. 

As Marketing Team Lead for Bobutikerna you will be the link between the many offices around the country and the central marketing organization. You will be the marketing expert both on a strategic, explanatory, and hands-on way to support and push Bobutikerna in the direction set centrally. 

In this role, you will set and develop processes och routines for the organization and also be the one implementing the new way of work. You will listen and identify the needs and development areas from the different offices and also go through the potential for improvement. You will coach the local office management and employees to achieve quantitative as well as qualitative goals, lead and run ongoing marketing projects and initiatives from Svensk Fastighetsförmedling, and follow-up and analyze completed activities.


  •  Have deep knowledge in marketing and know how to pass it forward
  •  Know your way around producing and adapting marketing material 
  •  Are used to lead teams and support different colleagues around you 
  •  Can go high and low, and work both operatively and strategically in a project
  •  Know the marketing process, from plan to local activation 

This is a new role and you will have to own your field as you create and expand it strategically and operatively. A lot of social skills and low prestige are key to succeed in this fun and fast-moving environment. The role is both strategic and very hands-on, you will take lead on problems and be the one driving change to find long-term solutions as well as to adapt and localize marketing material and train the local experts in digital systems.

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