Hussein Al-Asadi
Hussein Al-Asadi

Talent Agent

Did you know that 80% of all product launches fail? This was before Cambri was founded in 2018... Cambri provides a quick, smooth, and automated way of innovating and testing product insights before launch - all over the globe. Trib is excited and proud to be helping Cambri to find their new Lead Product Designer.


Cambri is growing rapidly, both in terms of business and employees. The company was founded in Stockholm and Helsinki and has expanded their offices to the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK. Now it's time for them to add a Lead Product Designer to their growing product team.

As their Lead Product Designer, you will advocate and nurture the design culture, recruit other designers, and spread the knowledge about agile ways of working in a modern product company. You will work closely with one of the founders and a product owner. In other words, design is highly prioritized, and you will have a big voice internally.

You will be pushing design across the entire product lifecycle, from ideas through research and prototyping to final design. You have an opinion about the right direction to go, including what the pros and cons of different proposals are, and can articulate your views in a way that everyone can understand.

Do you have a nice portfolio (and the relevant experience) and want to play a key role in a company that is growing rapidly? Let us know below!

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