Hussein Al-Asadi
Hussein Al-Asadi

Talent Agent

The small screen in your pocket is nowadays an extremely important part of our lives. And the UX within your apps is crucial. Well, you already know this of course, so let's talk about how you are needed at SEB.

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First off, SEBs CX team consist of close to 40 individuals, so you won't be alone here. The UX is highly valuable and your job is important.

In this case, SEB is looking for a person who has solid expertise in mobile design, both hybrid and native. The person needs to be humble and good at creating relationships. Together with their agency (Bontouch) this person will ensure that all mobile designs are in sync with each other.

What does this mean?

  • Support assignments that work with hybrid solutions with IxD and visual design
  • Coordinate design principles for hybrid solutions
  • Synchronize design principles with Bontouch
  • Support SEB's agile team by conceptualizing and further developing the app to complement Bontouch's work - eg in early work or explorations that do not become implementations
  • Synchronize design solutions with Bontouch

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