Anna Falk
Anna Falk

Talent Agent

We are happy to welcome our new friends at Hjärnfonden. Their vision is that no one should have to suffer from diseases, injuries or disabilities in the brain!

We are helping them to build a team where one of the key players are a PR & Press Manager.

As a PR & Press Manager, you need to be able to see the entirety of offers, challenges, needs and be sharp with the pen. You will be a part of Hjärnfondens Marketing and Communication team and will work with a wide range of communication tasks. 

You will also work closely with Public Affairs and the General Secretary. The role suits you who want to combine a strong interest in advocacy and communication with media and PR. You will ensure that Hjärnfondens media presence is of high quality and in line with overall goals. You will handle all contact with the press and media. You will write press releases and coach internally in interviews. You are responsible for, and develops the Press, Public Affairs and PR functions. You also collaborate with external suppliers if necessary. You make sure to carefully meet schedules, deliveries, financial frameworks and where follow-up and lessons learned are an obvious part.


More specifically, you will:

  • Be responsible for Hjärnfondens news, including writing, distributing and pitching press releases and news.
  • Be responsible for incoming media inquiries and preparing appropriate sayings, facilitating interviews and preparing spokespersons for interviews.
  • Be responsible for a proactive and reactive PR agenda.
  • Maintain and develop a network of suitable journalists, stakeholders and opinion leaders to contribute to the impact on society that Hjärnfonden wants to be.
  • Be an important stakeholder during crisis communication.
  • Measure, monitor, analyze and communicate PR coverage.
  • Maintain and media lists.
  • Work closely with and participate in the Marketing and Communications Department's daily operational work.
  • Position Hjärnfondens areas of activity and community involvement and is primarily responsible for conducting proactive PR to build the brand.
  • Be responsible for internal information to drive commitment and culture.

We are looking for you who has: 

  • Extensive experience in PR and communication.
  • Experience from designing and implementing successful PR campaigns at both local and national level.
  • Experience of working with media relations, internal information and crisis communication in a similar fast-moving environment with tasks of a similar nature and in particular change work at a high pace.
  • Is confident in acting as a spokesperson for a fundraising organization with the aim of creating media interest and awareness that is close to the public and affects many.
  • Great understanding of the political arena and political issues, mainly nationally and regionally.
  • Has a very good judgment and a great sensitivity, to be able to make quick decisions.
  • It is important that you are curious, have commitment, are activity-oriented and determined and work in a structured way and with good foresight.
  • Driven, analytical, structured and has a broad interest in both business, politics and society and has a “lets-do-it attitude”
  • Great social ability, wide network of contacts and is responsible and inspires confidence in everything you do.
  • Strong relationships with both local and national corporate and industry media.
  • Exceptional writing and editing experience.
  • Ability to prioritize and plan effectively and can adapt to change.
  • Good at collaborating and eager to build strong and reliable relationships, both internally and externally.

Sounds like you, please show your interest below!

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