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Karin Brandt
Karin Brandt

Talent Agent

Our dear friends at Haglöfs are back! This time looking for someone who can create a website filled with inspiring content, to help big and small adventurers stay warm and keep cool when the weather strikes!

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As the content editor at Haglöfs you will manage the day-to-day operation of the ecommerce sites in Europe. Ensuring appropriate site navigation, filtering, category management and product assortment for optimal customer discoverability.

You are comfortable in editing content, uploading and managing new and existing product information as well as following up on your work to analyze and optimise the site. You have good writing and editing skills with an understanding of the special requirements of working with ecommerce sites, preferably using Salesforce. Your Swedish is great and so is your English.

You will be responsible for the content strategy, make sure the purchase path flow is logical and the product positioning inspiring!

You are a person who understand users' needs, motivations and behaviors. And know how to use it to drive conversions and customer engagement. You’re also a person who loves branding can stand for and defend Haglöfs' brand and messaging priorities.

As a person, you are self-motivated, positive and curious. Perhaps you love the nature or any activity where Haglöfs can help you beat the weather. Does this sound like a job for you? - go ahead and show your interest below!

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