Caroline Haslum
Caroline Haslum

Talent Agent

It's easy to believe that all grocery stores are the same. With the same goods on the shelves, the same shopping carts, and also the checkout procedures. But Coop is different. In many ways.For example, they are owned by their 3.5 million members. Something that makes them unique, with an extra big responsibility, combined with lots of opportunities.


You'll have the chance to be involved and influence their digital journey

Right now, major changes are taking place within Coop and in this exciting role as a Digital Strategist, you'll have the chance to be involved and influence their digital journey towards the ultimate goal: an even better Coop.

You will:

  • be working with keeping the overall digital platform strategy together, making the customer journey as smooth as possible by understanding the customer footprints
  • find and create synergies between internal areas, B2B, customer service, operations, and digital growth
  • work analyst-heavy with customer data, insights, and behavior
  • interact closely with business developers to drive new initiatives in the digital area
  • track KPIs and customer flows, and deliver actionable insights and strategies based on these
  • demand, implement, optimize, digitize and communicate data-driven dashboards
  • be working with the overall Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and those suitable models are developed to measure revenue and progress

This is you if you have a strong leadership background in your field, meaning that you can both set requirements, but also motivate and inspire people. You need to be a true networker, based on the knowledge that sharing is caring. Communicating and collaborating with many different parts of an organization is something you both want and can successfully do. Of course, you have strong experience in e-commerce on a strategic level. A necessity to be successful in this task.

You'll get a unique mix of entrepreneurship and strong business

At Coop, you'll get a unique mix of entrepreneurship and strong business. You will be part of a passionate team and an exciting growth journey. And have the opportunity to be involved and truly influence.

You will join a humble and friendly group of people with great ambitions, working in constant change. A team that is committed, creative, unpretentious, positive, and driven. Coop thinks it's important to have fun at work and encourage each other aiming to create the best digital customer experience there is!

For this posistion you need to be fluent in Swedish.

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