Sofia Hansen
Sofia Hansen

Talent Agent

We are happy to welcome our new friends at Hjärnfonden. Their vision is that no one should have to suffer from diseases, injuries or disabilities in the brain!

We are helping them to build a digital team where one of the key players are a Performance Marketing & Growth Manager. 

In this role you are responsible for leading and enabling effective marketing in their channels that drive increased conversion and fundraising. 
By constantly ensuring that they optimize their marketing efforts based on insights from what works and what does not! You will also develop and follow up on KPIs that drive increased conversion and leads. 


More specifically, you will:

  • Own and constantly optimize all leads, conversions in digital donor meetings based on KPIs (from eg SEM, SEO, Social and ‘always-on campaigns’)
  • Shape and lead A/B tests in the Hjärnfondens marketing.
  • Require information flows (from eg our data warehouse)
  • Work towards and coordinate with external partners.
  • Budget responsibility for digital channels.

We are looking for you who:

  • Loves to optimize conversion processes through structured testing, follow-up and development of donor meetings. We believe that you are driven by numbers and continuous improvement.
  • Has 3+ years of experience in digital marketing.
  • Is confident, curious, driven and has a “lets-do-it attitude”.
  • Has social ability and habit of coordinating and collaborating with various internal and external stakeholders.
  • Has a strong business sense & is result-driven.
  • Worked with the latest tools and ‘best practice’ in digital marketing such as SEO, SEM, Google Optimize, Tag Manager, Search Ads 360, Ads Manager.

Sounds like you, please show your interest below!

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