Sofia Hansen
Sofia Hansen

Talent Agent

In an exclusive partnership with Bambuser, we are looking for someone to take on the Global Growth Director’s role and join the exciting journey Bambuser is on. Founded in 2007 with a changed focus to commerce in 2019, this rocket-like scale-up is building the future of retail by interacting brands with thousands of customers through interactive, shoppable live broadcasts.


For Bambuser, the customers’ business is their true passion, and they genuinely and fundamentally believe in the individuals’ potential, working together as a family to pursue their vision - To accelerate the future experience of commerce!

We are looking for an experienced Global Growth Director who will lead Bambuser’s growth team and develop and execute their product-led strategy focusing on the entire customer experience on a global and local level.
In this role, you’ll be responsible for the product-led go to market strategy, optimizing the customer journey, and finding new channels and experiences to drive product and business growth. You will lead a dedicated, cross-functional team of digital marketers, analysts, and developers with high ambitions and passion for data-driven decisions and experimentation.

Bambuser offers you an open, honest, and friendly workplace where everyone’s opinion counts. Being a fast-paced workplace (focusing on the result, not the number of hours), they believe it’s essential to have fun at work.

Are you the next Bambuser we're looking for? Or perhaps you would like to refer someone you think would be a great match?

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