Karin Brandt
Karin Brandt

Talent Agent

At TRIB, we believe that a successful placement changes lives. But also organizations. For nine years our candidates and clients have trusted us to help them evolve, getting better and happier.

We are now ready to do the same with ourselves, along with yet another talented family member.


Become our new sparkling colleague, focusing on roles within the area of Marketing & Growth. A Talent Agent with, just like us others, a background from the digital industry.

There are no shortcuts, but great opportunities in successful matchmaking. By understanding people's driving forces and dreams, combining them with relevant and attractive needs. That's just lovely.

Our methodology is bulletproof, so is our philosophy.

Iteration, energy, honesty.

We work with full time recruitment, shorter freelance positions, interim gigs and probably a couple of new stuff really soon.

You will work with identifying talent and potential.
To understand and interpret needs and possibilities.
Providing smart advice to top agencies, successful companies and large international corporations. But the most important part is that you will work with people. No worries, we will teach you the tools needed to succeed.

You are interested in moving people and change organizations. To make a true difference, when it comes to creating synergies between individuals and businesses.

So. You do need to like people. Talking to them, understanding them, helping them. But also regarding a team or organization.
Of course you are awesomely digital, interested in marketing, growth, communication, business development, etc. Today, you probably have a role as Project Manager, Digital Specialist, Strategist or equivalent.

If you want to help people grow and businesses evolve, become our new team member! Please show interest below. Any questions, just ask.

Christmas is coming up and TRIB love to spend the holidays at home. We will continue looking for our next star in January again.


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