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Philip Åstmar
Philip Åstmar

Creative Director

Welcome to a great office filled with lovely colleagues, gym at the top floor and their own… chess club(?). Here you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference to the end customer, and clearly see the effect.

Svea is on an adventurous path, growing into a modern design-driven company. They have most of the pieces, but they need the one who lays the puzzle.

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In this role, you’ll be the design cavalier, equipped with positive warmth and a desire to mould processes and to be a big part of shaping the design culture at Svea. You know that business is nothing without design and vice versa. You also love to actually do stuff and to be the user's best friend. This is something you have done before, and of course, love to do.

We're the cosiest gang ever!
/Marcus Ögren, Brand Director.

You’ll probably be amazed by Sveas great culture and how much fun stuff they have in their pipeline. They already have an app team, UX/UI Designers, a new brand position and a fresh communication platform. Big things will happen as we speak.

Start your new journey and make it Sveas journey as well.
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