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Camilla Wänström
Camilla Wänström


A dear child has many names. A Community Manager has many tasks. One is to help us at TRIB focus on growing, developing and maintaining our great network of talent.


As TRIB continues to grow, demand for modern knowledge and skills is still far from saturated. More and more organizations are turning to us for help - to attract new employees, both for permanent positions and freelance assignments.

Since our clear focus is on our talents and their dreams, the expectations on us are greater and our dialogue with our network even more important.

We are now looking for a Community Manager to step in on a temporary position with us.

At TRIB you'll be working with making our great network even greater, but also to improve the dialogue with those we've already been in dialogue with. Acquisition, conversion, retention in different channels. Both a broad and deep role.

With one goal - to help people grow and organizations evolve.

You´ll be in charge of our social media, digital marketing, candidate platform, and agent network. But also different events, cooperations with schools and other relevant stakeholders. You'll write, talk, analyze, hunt, think, do, run. And of course, search for talent. All of this at the same time, to reach the dreams of you and others.

In the end, it's all about matching talent with opportunity. And this you must love. Working in close cooperation with some of the brightest and smartest Talent Agents in this universe.

You need to have a creative mind and a sharp pen. Or fingers at least.

Producing content is your thing. But also how and where to publish it. You have a passion for design, branding, marketing, tech, PR and business. You are probably from the industry yourself and we believe you have been working for at least 5 years, now wanting to change your own path – and others. You need to be fluent in Swedish and have great english skills.

You'll be welcomed by a fantastic team, friends, family which every second strives to improve and to develop its workplace, everyday life, and the TRIB brand.

This is a temporary position for approximately 1 – 1,5 year.

If above sounds like you, don't hesitate to apply.

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