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Marcus Kong
Marcus Kong

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TRIB are welcoming Offerta as a partner and we are proud and excited to open the door between them and their future Lead Frontend Developer!

Since 2008 Offerta have been building the leading data-driven market place for both buying and selling services with the purpose to simplify and change the way people buy them; connecting customers with businesses to easily find, compare and choose exactly what is right for both sides current needs.

Today, ten years of organic growth later, Offerta have 13.000 connected companies with 70.000 consumer requests (yearly) and they mediate a wide range of services - from construction, cleaning, and logistics to IT and interior design.

This is a chance to join a team of highly motivated people who like to write good code, share learnings, go for after works and play both Fussball and Dota 2. The team are developing the site offerta.se, various mobile apps, external integrations and API’s as well as other business supporting products.

This role requires someone who is happy to take charge of HOW things are developed, still writing code but possibly doing a bit more code reviewing and coaching than in your current role. The role also has both tactical and strategic elements - one second you will be looking at new tools and frameworks to use, and in the next, you will discuss what changes in the stack would provide enough bang for the buck.

Someone who is happy to take charge of HOW things are developed

You are gonna make sure the products are consistent, sustainable and have a good look and feel. You are probably more of a functional programmer than a design-oriented one and you are genuinely interested and well-versed with the programming world and what is going on - to build the products of tomorrow.

You will be coding lots of Vue.JS along with ES6, Sass and Mocha/Chai. Offerta recently started working with a more modern architecture having the backend and frontend separated using Graphql API's. The Backend is built in C# .NET and it is obviously a bonus if you can handle a bit of that too.

Sounds like you or someone you know?

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