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Peter Teigene
Peter Teigene

Talent Agent

With a vision to create a better future for millions of people. Welcome back Avanza, our long lasting friend. Now with a new fun need for TRIB to solve – finding another Digital Designer. Someone wanting the same thing as Avanza, to create the most beautiful customer experience.


We are looking for you who want to create innovative services that their users will love together with Avanzas strong design team consisting of 14 designers! You´re passionate about making the complex in the "financial industry" both easy and fun to use. As Digital Designer you will participate in the whole process - from early ideas to creating magic in the small details. This in both apps and the web.

We think that you have at least three years of experience in UI or/and product design. And you´re used to work in a development team that together sets users' needs primarily to create the best solutions. You also always keep an eye on trends and the world of design and UX, beeing driven by developing both working methods and ways to more efficiently create amazing experiences.

At Avanza, business value and user experience are the same. The entire company has a clear focus on user experience and innovation. As Digital Designer you will work in a team with product owners, UXs and developers to create a joint assignment on all platforms. But will also belong to a group of digital designers and UXs who together drive and develop our expertise.

If above sounds like something for you, please tell us!


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