Mia Rehn
Mia Rehn

Business Director

Schibsted Employer Branding team is on a mission to tell the talent market the story of Schibsted as an employer of choice with the purpose of attracting, engaging, and retaining talents.

And for this to run smoothly and successfull they need to strengthen their team with one more person. This time we are looking for you who has quite extensive experience within marketing, project management, and communication. And most importantly, you know how to build and sell a product and know the importance of communication. Because that is basically what they are doing, selling a product to their customers, where our employer brand is their product and the talents are their customers. They do this in many different ways today, social networks, marketing campaigns, in-house events, fairs, and conferences, podcasts, etc, and they want to do even more!

For this position you need to have a strategic mindset, always finding new ways of reaching all the opportunities lying ahead of Schibsted. Your creative box is really wide, meaning there are not many limitations and ceilings in your thinking even though it sometimes needs to be a few of those in your makings. You are curious and interested in learning and driving yourself to always be better. You are not afraid to speak in front of people (on and off stage) and when you do, you get people to listen. 

This is a fixed contract until August 2022, starting asap/January with great possibilities of extension and employment.

Key responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement Schibsted social network strategy

  • Develop content strategy

  • Be part of developing and communicating the Employee Value Proposition

  • Drive global projects such as Ambassador programs and alumni networks.

  • Design, concept, and framework

  • Responsible for internal & external career sites

  • Work closely with content and campaign specialist to ensure they always have relevant and updated content for their talent communities

  • Responsible for project communication in collaboration with their EB project managers

  • Partner (buyer) to external agencies

  • Partner with TA Partners, EB project managers, and business stakeholders to develop marketing and communication strategies towards specific talent communities

  • Advisor to business for marketing and talent communication

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