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We’re continuing to build the marketing team at Nextory. This time we’re looking for a Project Manager to join a team of creatives, strategists, online optimizers and content producers. This role is a bit unique, because besides leading and coordinate communication activities and campaigns in all of Nextory’s channels, you will be running the influencer marketing partnerships.

Together with the Brand Manager you will make sure that the brand and all communication and activities are coherent and keeps a high level. You will work closely with creatives (both in-house and with freelancers), the media agency and partners with larger productions in broad media as well as smaller content productions in social media.


Influencer Marketing is an important channel for Nextory both in terms of branding and in acquiring new customers and they work with some of the most well known profiles. You will be in charge of the channel, handling all relationships with the influencers, coordinating campaigns, analysis, tracking and evaluation. Making sure that the activities and partnerships are successful for both parties.

We’re looking for someone with 2-3 years relevant working experience who’s looking to further develop their skills within project management and influencer marketing as a channel. You need to enjoy a fast moving organisation and b able to run a project from the beginning to the end. With the support and encouragement of a great team.

Apply now and Happy Holidays!

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