Karin Brandt
Karin Brandt

Talent Agent

It’s lovely to continuing following and partner with TV4 Media in several recruitments. This time around helping their Performance Marketing team find a Digital Analyst!

TV4 Media is in the middle of a digital transformation where the focus is to convert viewers to users, focusing on digital development and streaming. A part of that is this new and highly data driven team who work with performance marketing, optimizing the media investments. All this with the target to highlight the offers within TV4, TV4 Play and C More.

This new in house media buying department will develop new ways of working, pushing the digital marketing maturity forward in the house, and work towards internal stakeholders as well as external partners.

You will help the rest of the team do their job better!

You will work close to the performance specialists and the conversion team helping them find the most successful ways of creating campaigns. Using your great skills in Google Analytics and Data Studio you will create dashboards and evaluate the digital campaigns carried out throughout the organization. In other words, you know your way around the digital markering ecosystem, and working with attribution is not something new for you.

If you are a person who knows a thing or two about strategies for database analysis via eg BigQuery this position is even a greater fit. Target group analysis, A/B-tests and attribution is also a vital part of the work carried out in this team.

Also. If you feel you have areas you would like to develop. This role could be a great opportunity. You will work close to experienced analysts in other parts of the organization experienced in other areas of the funnel and will have the chance learn even more from them.

If above sounds like you, apply below pronto!


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