Hussein Al-Asadi
Hussein Al-Asadi

Talent Agent

We at Trib are proud to be contributing to better health and helping Deversify grow. Founded in 2016 Deversify is a Swedish development company. Deversify identifies, develops and commercializes smart products, for individualized health monitoring in the home or within health care.

Deversify is a startup born 5 years ago in Söderhamn. Fast forward to today they are 13 employers strong. Trib is honored to get the chance to help Deversify find their new Product Manager.


Acetrack was the first product Deversify released on the Swedish market. It's a breathalyzer that can tell you exactly when you are in ketosis and when you're not. Acetrack has since then been launched into multiple European countries.

Over the next years, Deversify will make significant investments into new products, technologies, and people to further strengthen their services and product offerings with the aim of building a community and ecosystem and with solutions for customers who are into, health and fitness.

So now we are looking for a Product Manager who wants to take a key role within the company. Someone who wants to help Deversify build great products.

Who are we looking for?

  • A Product Manager with a couple of years experience within digital product development
  • You have some kind of passion for health/fitness and enjoy working at a startup.
  • Experience in building revenue streams and creating digital content.
  • Have you previously built subscription-based products? Awesome!
  • You are used to creating solid road maps, working visionary and strategically.

If this role sounds like fun for you or someone you know, reach out to us below!

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