Hussein Al-Asadi
Hussein Al-Asadi

Talent Agent

Another fun role and recruitment to SEB, to their HQ in Solna. Perhaps the most fun of them all? Our assignment is to find more than one. So maybe something for a couple of innovative friends?

SEB20170503 Y4A0810-Edit

I'll keep it short.

The role is broad and the need can be solved in slightly different ways. You will work in a team of about 40 people, focusing on digital innovation and production. With an overall task to create even better customer experiences.

You will primarily be in the early and creative phases of processes and projects. The task then is to develop fast prototypes and interfaces.
We talk about technology at the forefront. But not infrequently web or app.
It's about visualizing (new) ideas, by daring to test and challenge.
SEB wants to lead the technological development and you will join and lead that ambition.

You like to collaborate and have the ability to take great responsibility.

Also, you have a good ability to communicate and have a passion for (digital) service development as well as user experience.
You are a "star" on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, something you have worked with for at least a couple of years. Besides, you have good knowledge of most JavaScript libraries.
Of course, you have already built some first-class digital services.

Is this you? (or maybe a friend)? If, please show your interest ASAP.

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