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Moa Bernhardsson
Moa Bernhardsson

Freelance Director

This growing product company are strengthening up with a freelance digital design star, to ensure that all assets meets the highest quality standards.

You will be the one who makes sure that everything is optimized regardless of devices. Testing and iterating design solutions with real-world feedback and data. You have 1-3 years of experience of different CMS, exceptional knowledge of everything around the latest visual and interaction trends and good know-how around responsive design.

You will be the one enhance content for the web and campaign sites, an extra plus if you able to do motion!

This gig starts in January at latest and will be around 3-5 months.

This is a place where you can thrive and develop a lot, so come on and join a caring team of great creative leaders, designers, art directors, copywriters and create some magic!

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