Isabelle Månsson
Isabelle Månsson

Talent Agent

Liber is a Stockholm-based Education company that creates smart products and services for teachers and learners. Being one of the market leaders, they produce teaching materials combining both books and digital solutions. Liber has expertise in science, tech, teaching and product development. The team at Liber want's to make learning fun and easy through all stages of life!

Liber is part of the Infinitas Learning Group with colleagues in the Netherlands and Belgium.

As a PM at Liber, you will be responsible for, and ensure that they have the best digital product, both stand-alone and in combination with print, for your target audience and users.

You will represent and be the voice of the user through your user-centric method and processes.

At Liber you will be responsible for a product area and a cross-functional team with the skills to solve all your product’s needs. From prototyping to development, rollout, tracking, and testing, you’ll own the full lifecycle of activities needed to create market-leading, user-friendly, revenue-generating products. You will work closely with finance and marketing for pricing and packaging to increase usage and growth. If you have experience of e-com it is a big plus.

The decisions you and the team make and the solutions created will have a huge impact on peoples individual growth and the growth of our society. Help people learn, help people grow!

Product development
KPI’s and follow-ups
Product creation/design
Commercial Revenues
Concept development

User-centric method and processes
B.Sc or above in relevant field (e.g. computer science, engineering, business)

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