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Caroline Haslum
Caroline Haslum

Talent Agent

Honored and excited to once again work together with Cancerfonden. This important non-profit organization has the vision of finding the cure for cancer with the short-term goal to achieve a higher cancer survival rate and to reduce the cancer incidence rate.

Cancerfonden is set out to reach some impressive goals this year and part of reaching this is to strengthen the communication team with not only one, but two Digital Content Editors. One that will focus on Prevention and Health, and this position, that will focus on Marketing and Fundraising.

With an always-on mindset and larger campaigns and activities throughout the year content marketing plays a central part in spreading knowledge about cancer, diagnosis, and treatment. It is an important channel in acquiring new donations and to share the wonderful results of donor engagement. 

The Digital Content Editor/Marketing & Fundraising is responsible for all digital communication regarding this area. Besides working close and together with your colleagues in the content team you’ll be part of a cross-functional team, all working with marketing and fundraising in different roles. Everything from concept development, production and execution of content on cancerfonden.se and in social media. You’ll produce content on site, for different campaigns and articles. Track and analyze outcomes and moderate in social media channels. You’ll work closely with Cancerfondens’s content agency ensuring quality and tone of voice.

We’re looking for an insight-driven, agile, data-driven and creative editor who knows how to create effective communication that actually feels. Experience in planning content for social media, omnichannel and always-on. You understand social media buying and how to produce SEO friendly content. 

For this position, you need to be fluent in Swedish.

Don’t miss out on this important opportunity, show your interest (preferably in Swedish) directly below.

Caroline and Peter

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