Full time Rebtel Global Design Product Leadership
Marcus Kong
Marcus Kong

Talent Agent

Rebtel believes in tearing down borders on their journey to make the world a place less divided. Building products serving the two billion modern internationals of the world. Offering work, communication and banking services for anyone anywhere!

A strong team from 40 different countries who are changing lives for modern migrants that are either fleeing from something or racing towards new experiences in new places.


Rebtel wants to keep building things that are beautiful, that express emotion and works like magic. They think that nothing is ever complete and that everything can always improve. A dynamic place where the best solution wins.

Keep building things that are beautiful, that express emotion and works like magic

The Product Design team is looking for a leader to join their team of analytics, designers and user researchers. You’ll be working in close collaboration with the CEO and the CPO on product strategy whilst leading the design process of new features and continuous improvements. A creative environment with a collaborative mind set working closely with tech, marketing, copywriting and animation.

You are obviously someone special, an experienced Product Designer with a visual background who can evolve Rebtel beyond great. A natural leader with a lot more to give!

Could this be for you or do you know a superstar who’d be up for the task?

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