Our new services, addings lets our clients utilize specific parts of our process, previously only available in our full recruitments. This enables us to assist and strengthen HR and recruiting manager with specific tactical solutions.



Reach gives you the opportunity to advertise your recruitment needs to both our internal pool of candidates and external network of followers.

Via the service Short you order a complete netlist of suitable candidates for your specific needs.

Search will give you a list of potential candidates to contact. We will use our tools and knowledge to search and build a list of the most relevant candidates for your process.

The offer Playable lets us provide you with suitable candidates spontaneously. Understanding our clients and knowing about your needs give us the possibility to know when we have a perfect match. Alternatively when you want to give us the chance to add another candidate to an existing internal process.

Safe is our in-house developed service where candidates can be quality assured. It can be a second opinion, case assignments or various suitable tests. Always tailor-made for each individual need.

Finally, our mission is to transform and grow organizations and people. With our offering Coach we provide lectures, talks and training for management, leaders, team and individuals.

And of course it is possible to combine these services with each other.
If some of the above may feel like an interesting alternative, rather than an entire process please contact us and we can tell you more.


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